More times than not, most advisors create a financial plan to assist themselves in selling some sort of product. In these cases, we have found that the plan becomes bookshelfed and never implemented. Our clients not only receive a comprehensive financial plan, but we also work closely with our clients and their families to accurately implement the recommendations. A financial plan is a dynamic document and we feel on annual basis should be reviewed to ensure that any changes be implemented in to the plan. Working solely on the basis of a fee, we remain committed to the financial planning process. For more information on the Planning Process click here

Below are the six primary planning areas that we help our clients with:

Asset Protection

  • Life Insurance Analysis
  • Property Casualty Insurance
  • LTC Analysis
  • IRAs
  • Estate Tax Analysis
  • ILIT

Income Protection

  • Income Tax Analysis
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Employee Benefit Analysis

Investment Planning

  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Performance
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Single Stock Concentration
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Distribution Planning
  • Education Planning

Debt Management

  • Personal Guarantees
  • Interest Rates Analysis
  • Credit Analysis

Wealth Transfer

  • Titling Issues
  • Wills/Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Gifting
  • Charitable Analysis

Exit Planning

  • Business Exit Strategy
  • Buy/Sell Analysis
  • ESOPs
  • Family Transfers
  • Third Party Sale

Our Process - What you can expect

Step 1 - Introductory Meeting

Freitag Financial Group Actions / Responsibilities

We will provide a description of our comprehensive wealth management and investment advisory services and create a picture of how we interact with clients. We will also seek to understand your needs and goals, so that we can determine how to best help you.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

Before and during this meeting, we will provide an introductory packet with a short data questionnaire. We ask you to complete it. We also ask that you bring an openness about your situation, goals, and expectations. Communicate your preferred mode of contact (email or phone)

Step 2 - Execute a Financial Planning Engagement Agreement and Gather Data

Freitag Financial Group Actions / Responsibilities

We will clearly explain the key points of any necessary Investment Advisory Agreement and Financial Agreement. We will ask further questions through a comprehensive data questionnaire. This is done in conjunction with the Step 1 meeting or later by phone and/or email. We will begin the process of consolidating investment assets. Finally, we will go through a survey to gauge your risk tolerance, so that we can begin the process of deriving a appropriate asset allocation strategy for your assets.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

Read our agreement in order to understand the services being provided, the fee, and how you are billed for financial planning. Upon signing the agreement to implement, start answering questions about your risk tolerance as honestly as possible. Provide additional data by completing the entire data questionnaire and providing requested documents at least two weeks prior to our meeting or phone discussion in Step 3.

Step 3 - Meeting or phone discussion to review the financial Planning assumptions that will drive the plan and your goals

Freitag Financial Group Actions / Responsibilities

Within a few weeks of receiving all financial plan data, we will have an interactive discussion. We will clarify the information you have provided to us by having you review our financial plan assumptions that will drive your financial plan. We make sure your goals and dreams are fully documented.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

If married, we would like your spouse involved in this meeting. You will review our financial plan assumptions pages to ensure that the assumptions driving the financial plan are accurate. You will also review the list of goals we have documented for you to ensure they are accurate and comprehensive.

Step 4 - Formulation of the Financial Plan and the Recommended Portfolio Allocation

Freitag Financial Group Actions / Responsibilities

We will create the financial plan and an appropriate investment allocation strategy. The investment strategy will be based on the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory and your responses to the Risk Tolerance Survey. We will also schedule a meeting to present the portfolio and financial planning recommendations.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

Be responsive to scheduling a meeting for the next step. Call with any questions.

Step 5 -& Presentation of the Financial Plan and Investment Recommendations

Freitag Financial Group Actions / Responsibilities

Within a few weeks after reviewing the financial plan assumptions, we will present the financial plan. This may happen over several meetings and/or teleconferences. We will make specific recommendations based on various wealth issues, discuss plan implementation, and make sure that you agree on the portfolio allocation. We will provide a binder for your financial plan. It will also be a helpful place for future correspondence and the financial plan updates your request.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

Congratulations! You now have a customized workable financial plan and a diversified portfolio that was developed with your goals in mind. Pay the remaining balance due for your financial plan. Recognize that a financial plan is a living breathing document that will change and need updating.

Step 6 - Implementation and Follow-up

Freitag Financial Group Actions / Responsibilities

Your portfolio allocation will be implemented. You will begin receiving statements regularly. Any changes in the plan, if material, will result in changes to the affected financial statements. We will send you any necessary updated financial statements to be placed within your binder. There are financial planning items from the recommendations page that we will follow up on.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

We ask that you follow-up on certain items identified in the financial plan and located in the Recommendations. This may involve the services of additional professionals such as an , etc. Keep us updated on changes in your financial situations or even anticipated changes. We look forward to your call on any decision that an Attorney, CPA, Insurance, or Business Appraiser has with a dollar sign in front of it.

Step 7 - Second Year and Beyond

Freitag Financial Group Actions / Responsibilities

We provide a portfolio review and economic update meeting at least quarterly. After a year, if planning is renewed, a document request letter can be created to capture plan changes from the previous year or we can just respond to your most pressing planning issues. Our goal is to help you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are on target to reach your goals. We will contact you about upcoming.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

Although for financial planning the agreement is for one year, you can renew and create an annual planning update for a reduced rate from the original fee, paid annually. Provide documents and answers to questions for plan updates. Let us know how your goals have changed.