With over 20 years of experience, our firm is modeled to make our industry more efficient. Most brokers seek to sell commissionable products, putting themselves before the client. FFG has incorporated a foundation of putting the client first.

We know our clients want and deserve to see transparency with their finances, especially in light of recent and ongoing market activities. The reality is a strong lack of transparency in the industry today, especially with traditional brokers. Many find themselves in products that make no sense, add unnecessary amounts of risk in their portfolio and/or do little to enhance or support the client’s financial goals.

Our firm includes a Certified Financial Planner® and we have externally partnered with CPAs to assist our clients with their tax returns, Attorneys to guide our clients in Estate Planning, Business Appraisers, and Business Management Consultants. These partner affiliations enable FFG to provide extended services to our clients, to make their life and financial matters less complicated.

Our clients have often shared their major concerns about the overwhelming complexity when dealing with their finances… We listened! Simple is our by word. Our clients frequently express their appreciation of our ability to accommodate their needs, by delivering a very high level, sophisticated service model to help them, their families and their legacies. By looking at the relationship from a holistic position, we can better serve those needs. We can and do simplify their life by bringing their financial picture together, helping them to achieve their short and long term goals as well as the transfer of their assets.

Our experience and business philosophy allow us to provide a well rounded service for you, your family and your legacy. Where most fall short, we pick up and deliver. What good is a Plan if it is not implemented? If your Financial Plan is on the shelf collecting dust, allow us to help you put it to work. We will review and/or draft your plan, then assist you and your family in implementation. As an on-going part of our Service, we work with and for you, reviewing, advising on market changes & trends, as well as implementing and updating your Financial Plan in a clear, simple and transparent way.

Why Consider a Fee Only Advisor

As a Fee-only financial advisor we work “only” for our clients and are compensated “only” by a previously agreed upon fee from the client.

As a firm, Freitag Financial Group does not accept commissions or compensation from any other source. For this reason, as a fee-only advisor we are able to be completely objective in our evaluation and are free to recommend a course of action based solely on strategic financial considerations and cost-effectiveness for each client.

Most brokers, investment advisors, and financial planners are compensated entirely by commissions from the products recommended and sold.

In fact, these "advisors" provide advice that is strictly incidental to the sale of a product. Most of these fees are never disclosed to the client. Some salespeople refer to themselves as “fee-based” or “fee-offset”, meaning that they charge both a fee and a commission.

At Freitag Financial Group, we use neither method and provide full disclosure of all compensation. In addition, fee-only compensation is surprisingly affordable and is frequently much less expensive than commissions that are charged for the sale of financial products. Our fees are fully disclosed and there are no surprises for the client.

"Financial Planners who take commissions have a built-in conflict of interest... even with disclosure, my choice would be a fee-only planner." - Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek